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The beginning

The company was founded in 2015 by Tassilo Baeuerle, a serial tech entrepreneur and Harald Stock, who was CEO of a world-leading pain pharmaceutical company. 

From the start, our vision of combining deep neuroscience and immersive technologies to address maladaptive changes in the brain attracted thought leaders across neuroscience, psychology and pain therapeutics to the team.

History of technology innovation

Our team of neuroscientists, psychology researchers, pain experts and software developers developed multiple virtual reality based applications to treat and measure pain, culminating in our current product – Virtual Reality Neuropsychological Therapy for chronic pain.


Distraction therapy

We initially developed two virtual reality (VR) distraction therapy applications. VR distraction therapy utilizes the immersive power of VR to create high cognitive load and a positive emotional state to refocus the brain away from pain. Distraction therapy has been shown to be effective in providing short-term relief in acute pain (e.g., immunization, wound cleaning, dental procedures).


We validated our two therapies in a controlled, academic setting in two induced pain trials of 40 participants each. Using multiple experimental pain techniques, the games achieved up to 55% pain reduction.


While VR distraction therapy can be effective for short-term relief, it does not correct the underlying neuroplastic changes behind chronic pain.

Pain measurement

Pain is typically “measured” by asking patients to rate their pain on a scale.  These self-reported measures are important, but they are inherently subjective and can be difficult for patients to use consistently.


We developed a patented application to quantify pain using VR.  We successfully tested the product in a published pilot study funded by a grant from a large pharmaceutical company.



CognifiSense is committed to complying with federal regulations on financial conflicts of interest in PHS- and NIH-funded research.  Visit the link below to review our current Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) Policy:   Financial Conflict of Interest Policy

Information concerning identified FCOIs held by senior/key personnel will be made available to requestors via email within five business days. This information may be requested by emailing us.    

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